JT DeLys wrote:

> sorry, i'm a little confused ...
> iiuc, the fix applies -- at least -- to the NON-svn release.
> but does it ALSO apply to the svn co? is it needed there?
> currently, i have:
> svn up
> At revision 132.
> but, still have 'just'
> grep -i posix FuzzyOcr.pm
> use POSIX;
> not the advised,
> use POSIX qw(SIGTERM);

It depends on the versions you have, both FuzzyOcr and perl.

The "use POSIX" is what FO 3.5.1 currently has, and it works fine with p=
5.8.7 and 5.8.8, but from my experience, it didn't work with 5.8.6 so I n=
to add the "use POSIX qw(SIGTERM)" ... but don't make much of what I say,=
SIGTERM part reminds me of another problem, with signals, and it may have=

nothing to do with the redefinition of O_CREAT/O_RDWR/etc. (that's why I
included the reference, so you can read the whole thread on the bug repor=
Ren=E9 Berber