Quoting Michael W ****e <****e@catherders.com>:

> Most systems that I'm familiar with nowadays have the users put spam
> emails that manage to get past the filters into a special folder
> (directory) so they can be examined, in order to make the spam filter
> system more effective. In pursuit of that Idea, I've written urlx.
> Urlx is designed to extract urls, both clear and obfusticated, from
> those spam emails and convert them into SpamAssassin rules
> automatically (Note: When I say automatic, I still expect a human to
> apply a sanity check somewhere).
> Urlx is not yet released to the general public, but if you're
> interested in helping test, please drop me an email.

Have you seen:


Making rulesets of URLs won't scale very well. See:


sa-blacklist is so large as to be unusable in many cases. Instead the data are
now part of ws.surbl.org:


Jeff C.