Matthew Yette wrote:
> I'm currently running qmail 1.03, SA 3.20 with qmail-scanner 1.25st.
> Every single piece of mail that runs through the system gets hit with
> RDNS_NONE, which adds 0.1 points to the score. Not a major deal - and
> if there isn't a fix, it wouldn't be a problem - but I figured I'd try
> to make things perfect if possible.

There was a change in SA around 3.2.1 whereby it no longer relies on its
own code to do PTR lookups (rDNS) of the MTAs showing in the Received:
headers. Instead it relies on the local MTA to have done it and written
it into the header field.

By default Qmail doesn't do rDNS lookups (performance reasons), so you
need to change tcpserver to do them - which then makes SA happy again.

i.e. you want "tcpserver -h" instead of "tcpserver -H"


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