Marc Perkel wrote:

> What I'm proposing here requires that the domain do nothing at all
> except to not send spam. It's verified RDNS for lack of a better term=

> It is intrinsic to the existing system. All you have to do is check
> the RDNS, look up the name returned to see if it points back to the
> same IP and then do a lookup of the host name to see if the name is o=

> a whitelist. The ham domain has to do nothing at all. This is dirt
> simple and it works.=20

Marc, you have yet to tell us about how these domains end up on the
whitelist. This seems to me to be the main issue with your idea. How
exactly does a domain qualify for the whitelisting? and how often is
it or should it be checked? Or what makes it be removed from the list?

To me your idea sounds like "if the mail server and DNS is configured
correctly, and the domain is on , we're 99% certain it
doesn't send any spam".=20

In spamassassin terms, how many points is that worth? +50 ? +10 ? +2 ?=

I still think a manually verified list of whitelist_from_rcvd would do
far better.

/Per Jessen, Z=C3=BCrich