I noticed that FH_HOST_ALMOST_IP matches our users with static IP addresses,
but generic hostnames:

Received: from MKorbova (static-098-026-098.dsl.nextra.sk [])
by mailhub3.nextra.sk with esmtp; Thu, 12 Jul 2007 13:32:35 +0200
id 002CC6D9.46961153.00007E2F

Those IP's are not in trusted_hosts (I don't see any reason for this yet -
if they are in blacklists, they should be penalized, unlike dynamic IPs)

We do unauthenticated relaying for those hosts (yet). Although we can advise
users to turn on SMTP authentication, It won't help the receiving users
(it's a thing sender must do).

Can I whitelist them somehow, or should I change the rule e.g. not to match
when the hostname contains word 'static'? If the latter, may I simply
change the test to contain two and'ed expressions?

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