Daryl C. W. O'Shea wrote:
> Marc Perkel wrote:
>> I appreciate you effort in this but lets come up with something
>> useful. If you give up SPF I will give you and PoBox some anti-spam
>> technology that will revolutionize your spam filtering. I'm just
>> tired of having to deal with the bad side effects of SPF and
>> expainging to people that the can't use my spam filtering unless they
>> turn SPF off.

> Marc, dude, for a guy that's proposing a reputation service (as if
> that was some sort of new revolutionary idea) I'm bedazzled (well not
> so much, I'm getting used to this) that you can not connect the
> benefit off being able to link an (controlling) identity to a
> previously unknown host.
> Forget any forwarding issues, if the mail doesn't pass SPF you simply
> won't be able to link the identity to the reputation database. This
> is no different than your idea where mail from a domain on your
> whitelist gets forwarded; you lose the ability to link that identity
> to your whitelist/reputation database.

The identity link is at the registrar barrier. I even have a DNS lookup
for that.


It returns for single TLDs, for 2 level TLDs etc.

So - you do a lookup and then you count dots back from the end and that
becomes your key.