> Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
> > what's the real meaning of MISSING_SUBJECT ?
> > should it match without the Subject: header, or even message with empty
> > Subject: header?
> >
> > the description says it's about missing subject header, but it seems to
> > match even when there's "empty" line containing the string "Subject: "
> > in headers.

On 13.07.07 09:15, Matt Kettler wrote:
> It should only match a missing header.

then it's a bug, the header is there.

> However, one thing to realize is that your mail client may insert a
> blank subject if it's missing. So, if you're looking at it after your
> mail client has read it, it might not have been there at all when SA
> scanned it.

that's why I re-sent that mail by telnetting to SMTP port (both ways) and
checked that explicitly over text file. In both cases, there was "Subject: "

bug 5207 should be reopened then...

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