From: "Wolfgang Zeikat"

> On 07/12/07 15:47, Helmut Schneider wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I use amavisd-new 2.52 and SA3.21 chroot'ed.
>> Is there a setting that only mail with a hit greater than X is modified?
>> Or did I miss anything else?

> AFAIK, amavisd-new has it's own ways of using SA, and that includes
> ignoring some options. You can try and put them into the amavisd
> config file with something like
> $sa_report_safe = 1;
> I don't have amavisd-new installed, but learned lately that the $sa_* way
> works with some options, see the sample / default cf files in the
> documentation.


> HTH,


Thanks, Helmut