Bernd Klein wrote:
> Hi
> I have problems with e-mail stemming from t-online in Germany, positive
> emails. Spamassassin assigns very high hit points to those emails ranging
> between 4 to 9.
> I found out, that many of those emails have triggered "FH_HAS_XID Has X-ID"
> and score 2.4 for this. What does x-id, or extended ID mean? What's wrong
> with an email with "x-id"?

Run sa-update. FH_HAS_XID was dropped... it's not a good rule.

> Besides they triggered "TVD_SPACE_RATIO BODY"? What does this mean?

It's supposed to be trying to hit on vertical words.

> Is there a place, where I can find detailled info about the X-Spam-Report?

The X-Spam-Report contains the names of the rules, and their scores &
descriptions. I don't think you can get more detailed that that about
the X-Spam-Report. If you want to know what the rules listed in the
report are about, checking out their descriptions, the actual rules
themselves (in the .cf files) or the SA wiki may help: