Marc Perkel wrote:

> I appreciate you effort in this but lets come up with something useful.
> If you give up SPF I will give you and PoBox some anti-spam technology
> that will revolutionize your spam filtering. I'm just tired of having to
> deal with the bad side effects of SPF and expainging to people that the
> can't use my spam filtering unless they turn SPF off.

Marc, dude, for a guy that's proposing a reputation service (as if that
was some sort of new revolutionary idea) I'm bedazzled (well not so
much, I'm getting used to this) that you can not connect the benefit off
being able to link an (controlling) identity to a previously unknown host.

Forget any forwarding issues, if the mail doesn't pass SPF you simply
won't be able to link the identity to the reputation database. This is
no different than your idea where mail from a domain on your whitelist
gets forwarded; you lose the ability to link that identity to your
whitelist/reputation database.