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On Thu, Jul 12, 2007 at 04:00:33AM +0200, arni wrote:
> I put this together within an around an hour to show how its possible to=

> cope with pdf spam - the script compeltely decodes the pdf attachment=20
> into text and images and reattaches them. Like this the text is fully=20
> available to all means of sa processing, as well as the images to=20
> FuzzyOCR, if installed.

Please don't do that (adding in new message parts), btw. There's a 3.2
plugin call (post_message_parse, per bug 5069) which was specifically
added such that plugins can manipulate messages after the initial parse
has completed. This allows for things like OCR of images and PDF->text,
and the rendered text can go right in the message part, and then gets
included automatically by SA as body text and so is available for body
rules, uri parsing, etc.

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