On Jul 11, 2007, at 4:17 PM, Philip Prindeville wrote:
> What are the websites to get them RBL blacklisted?
> How does one nominate them to a place of infamy?

I am tempted to bring up a very simple service backed by Amazon AWS,
maybe using SQS or S3, to accept blacklist submissions from
SpamAssassin users.

I could put together a plugin that does this pretty quickly.

It shouldn't be just blacklists, though. I would generalize the
plugin to take whitelist suggestions as well.

If we integrated this with automatic whitelisting, would produce a
very nice sender address whitelist corpus that I could turn around
and serve back to the community, for use with SPF+DKIM.

What do people think? Would that be useful?

You would be able to:

- submit IP addresses for blacklisting
- submit IP addresses for whitelisting
- submit email addresses / domains for blacklisting
- submit email addresses / domains for whitelisting

How to defeat gaming?

Razor and Pyzor solve gaming well enough.

Each submission would be tracked; we would apply a reputation system
to the submissions; and we would turn around the aggregated inputs as
a whitelist and blacklist for SA community to then use. Other DNSBLs
would, of course, be welcome to take a feed from this aggregation.