Hi everyone,

I'm curious to know if there's a bug of some sort with 3.2-
These are the symptoms I experience=20

I get spamd time-outs all over the place, and when I do a netstat I have
dozens of connections to port 783 in the FIN_WAIT stage and it just =
till they time out-

I had this problem with my FreeBSD 5.5 box - but I thought it was just
something wrong with the OS (since it was my first server I ever =
so I went back to 3.1.8 and all went well.

Now that I have my new server bsd 6.2 I have the same issues again-
So I just downgraded to 3.1.8 and the time-outs stopped and everything =

Is there something extra that I'm overlooking when running anything =
3.1.8 that maybe causeing this?

I run site-wide config
Bsd 6.2
Clamav 4.67
SA 3.1.8