Ken A wrote:
> Mike Grau wrote:
>>> A little misinformation tossed to spammers isn't bad here.
>>> I hear there's a mirror in Afghanistan too. And by all means.. when
>>> you browse the site.. click the stop button in your browser between
>>> it's loading each image on each page, then click the start button
>>> again. It's tricky, but if you do it just right, you can browse the
>>> whole site before the IDS blocks you.

>>> The rulesemporium site is great, and much thanks goes to the ninjas
>>> who operate it and write the rules, forcing spammers to read harry
>>> potter books.
>>> Ken

>> Yes, the rulesemporium site _is_ great. As are the rules themselves.
>> That's why I'd like to use my browser and read just one page. Right
>> now all I get (and this is my first attempt to browse the site since
>> yesterday) is "Waiting for".
>> I'm not talking about rules_du_jour or sa-update or seeing how fast I
>> can manually click stop or cycle through pages with my browser. I
>> just want to go to the one page I have bookmarked. Isn't that the
>> point of having a website? Allowing people to view your content? I'd
>> say the DDOS is still very effective one way or another. My
>> sympathies to the rulesemporium folks. I wish I could help, but I'm
>> just some slob who wants to view their website.
>> Still waiting ... Mike

> If your IP is blocked, for whatever reason, perhaps a proxy would help
> you until your IP is unblocked.
> I bet the 'donate' link would help :-)

Hmm, I doubt it, seeing that SARE has received 3 donations in 2007,
$90 all total (yet 31k unique ips pull rules from the site every week..
ugh). Anyone want to sell us a VPS on a DDoS proof network for $90?

Maybe if we had a buck for every one of those IPs we could afford one.
However, we're running on donated bandwidth/hardware from, and
frontended by ddos mitigation services from so really,
I'm just glad the sites comes up at all. Without those guys it would be
long gone.

There has been discussion of taking down the public site, opening
something new ( private access, invite only, acl by ip, etc), in hopes
to avoid ddos and provide better services, more requent rule updates,
and so on. We are trying our best to keep it alive, but there is
only so much we can do with the limited time and resources we have.

Speaking about lacking of resources... we need more good people who want
to join SARE and contribute with rules, scripts, masscheckers, etc...
anyone interested should email


SARE Webmaster