I'm seeing False Positives on the rule SARE_BEASTUD for a message that
we are receiving.

This rule is matching on the following text "be a studio".

"I look forward to reading many more books, and when my voice goes, I
will continue to be a studio monitor and technician."

How does one go about getting this rule re-evaluated or modified to
avoid these FPs in the 70_sare_adult configs?

body SARE_BEASTUD /be a stud/i
describe SARE_BEASTUD common spammer phrasing
score SARE_BEASTUD 0.26
# Original name: RM_bpm_BeAStud
# 53s/0h of 119325 corpus (98981s/20344h) 03/21/04
# 7s/0h of 15929 corpus (13729s/2200h) 03/23/04
#counts SARE_BEASTUD 73s/2h of 42056 corpus
(34127s/7929h FVGT) 04/19/06
#counts SARE_BEASTUD 20s/1h of 140226 corpus
(90162s/50064h DOC) 04/19/06