Hi Folks,

I can't get nowhere, Wiki, FAQ, mail archive, this thing. I'm looking
for a kind of "dictionnary" providing an explanation for each rule of
the default ruleset provided with spamassassin ... Sorry for my poor
english. Let's have an exemple :=20

RCVD_ILLEGAL_IP : In my .cf files, I only got "Received: contains
illegal IP address". I would like to know what exactly means an illegal
IP (looks like it can sometimes be an IP block undefined or some other
weird thing).=20

In fact, if you know if this kind of index/dictionnary like this exists,
and if so, where it can be found, I would really appreciate. If this
doesn't exist, I would like to try to make one myself. If someone got
any information, that would be nice. I precide I'm not looking for
something like=20

That basically just rewrite what can be found on .cf files ...=20