> A little misinformation tossed to spammers isn't bad here. I
> hear there's a mirror in Afghanistan too. And by all means.. when you
> browse the site.. click the stop button in your browser between it's
> loading each image on each page, then click the start button again. It's
> tricky, but if you do it just right, you can browse the whole site
> before the IDS blocks you.

> The rulesemporium site is great, and much thanks goes to the ninjas who
> operate it and write the rules, forcing spammers to read harry potter
> books.
> Ken

Yes, the rulesemporium site _is_ great. As are the rules themselves.
That's why I'd like to use my browser and read just one page. Right now
all I get (and this is my first attempt to browse the site since
yesterday) is "Waiting for www.rulesemporium.com...".

I'm not talking about rules_du_jour or sa-update or seeing how fast I
can manually click stop or cycle through pages with my browser. I just
want to go to the one page I have bookmarked. Isn't that the point of
having a website? Allowing people to view your content? I'd say the DDOS
is still very effective one way or another. My sympathies to the
rulesemporium folks. I wish I could help, but I'm just some slob who
wants to view their website.

Still waiting ... Mike