I'm migrating to SQL Bayes storage method. I have plenty of email
accounts. By this time, all of them had their own database in their home
directories. Such approach unfortunately consumes a lot of disk space, so
now I'm thinking about bayes_sql_override_username option, which allows me
to have one single database for all.

I wonder if it's better to have a single database (which probably could be
larger than the size of 8MB per user I allowed with DBM storage method) or
keep per-user ones?

So, what are the advantages of a single database? And does it make any
sense to make it larger? Maybe 8MB of tokens is simply enough and it
doesn't pay to use more resources to seek in a larger base? Are there any
security or privacy problems with this setup?

BTW, users don't have access to their databases, they are unable to feed
any spam/ham manually, so loosing this ability is not a problem for me.

Michal Jeczalik, +48.603.64.62.97