> As I said, we use a trick that makes the fetches work. It does not get
> us tarred by the DoS filter. So access to the web site is really easy.
> I also check "when I feel like it" rather than hourly as I've heard some
> "people" work. Weekly is more than enough unless you see a notification
> here. I got annoyed at the failed fetch one day and looked at the logs I
> make. I saw the timeout errors. I worked to eliminate them. Why whine when
> you can fix it, eh love?
> {^_-} <- one stubborn bitch.

Whoa whoa whoa... Tickety-boo is way to high tech for me. Does not compute.

Slow down lady or we are gonna have to put the smack down on ya. ;-)

.....And it isn't so much that we cannot solve the simple gimme updates issue
as you have...

The issue is when you cannot reliably browse a website from a *browser* like
a normal human being does and/or would... ...and then get cut off after
several page views while *browsing* or doing *research* for future

That is one thing that frustrates some folks I know and tells of ummm that
the DDOS filters and/or programming are not as intelligent or fine tuned as
they could be...

- rh