jdow wrote:
> From: "Daryl C. W. O'Shea"
>> jdow wrote:
>>> From: "Loren Wilton"
>>>>>>>> Mike Grau 07/09/07 5:15 PM >>>
>>>>> On 07/09/2007 04:01 PM the voices made Joe Zitnik write:
>>>>>> I can't get here:
>>>>>> http://www.rulesemporium.com/rules
>>>>>> Is rulesemporium having issues again?
>>>>> I can rarely get there (via a browser). So rarely the site is
>>>>> almost useless.
>>>>> I've been having intermittent issues getting there from home for a
>>>>> while. Last time it happened, the site was down. I still can't get
>>>>> there....
>>>> Hum. I just tried again, and didn't have any problems this time
>>>> either.
>>>> Guess I'm lucky.
>>>> Loren
>>> As I said, we use a trick that makes the fetches work. It does not get
>>> us tarred by the DoS filter. So access to the web site is really easy.
>>> I also check "when I feel like it" rather than hourly as I've heard some
>>> "people" work. Weekly is more than enough unless you see a notification
>>> here. I got annoyed at the failed fetch one day and looked at the logs I
>>> make. I saw the timeout errors. I worked to eliminate them. Why whine
>>> when
>>> you can fix it, eh love?

>> Joanne,
>> The errors have nothing to do with the DoS protection, but saturated
>> links. The insertion of a few seconds of delay between queries, or a
>> 20 minute delay in my case, will do nothing to resolve the issue.

> It fixed it like magic here and since then I've never seen a problem.
> Go figure.

I've figured. I've even rubbed my head against every network
engineering degree, diploma and certificate that I've got laying around
and the best that I have come up with is the crazy idea that it's
possible that not every link to Prolexic is suffering from periodic

Go figure.