SARE Webmaster wrote:
> Daryl C. W. O'Shea wrote:
>> Wilton wrote:
>>>>>>> Mike Grau 07/09/07 5:15 PM >>>
>>>> On 07/09/2007 04:01 PM the voices made Joe Zitnik write:
>>>>> I can't get here:
>>>>> Is rulesemporium having issues again?
>>>> I can rarely get there (via a browser). So rarely the site is almost
>>>> useless.
>>>> I've been having intermittent issues getting there from home for a
>>>> while. Last time it happened, the site was down. I still can't get
>>>> there....
>>> Hum. I just tried again, and didn't have any problems this time either.
>>> Guess I'm lucky.

>> Perhaps you are. I get "500 Server closed connection without sending
>> any data back" or "500 Can't connect to
>> (connect: timeout)" at least once an hour out of three queries an hour.

> Ok, so the word is that the telia link is saturated with traffic from
> the ddos yet.. I'd like some traceroutes to for
> anyone that is having problems.

darn spammers.. don't they have anything else to do?

From both Northern California and N.E. Arkansas, I get nothing beyond
9 ( 75.275 ms ( 78.995 ms ( 81.046 ms
Looks like maybe Level3 has dampend the route to you due to the problem.
Time to get a mirror in Miami?


> The issue with the html found in rulesets (the "0.1 refresh" page)
> should be cleared up. If anyone is seeing this, please let me know
> immediately.
> Thanks,

Ken Anderson