On Jul 9, 2007, at 1:03 PM, Marc Perkel wrote:

> I'm looking for lists of domains to whitelist. Here's the criteria.

That is most excellent!

Tired: IP blacklists
Wired: domain whitelists

So I am very glad to hear it.

I too have been building whitelists of domains.

Actually, it's a meta-whitelist.

It aggregates other whitelists from places like dnswl.org, TrustE,
and VeriSign.

If you are willing, I would be eager to add your whitelist of domains
to my list of whitelists.

What am I planning to do with this meta-whitelist?

I am building a SpamAssassin plugin that interacts with the SPF and
DKIM plugins. It will provide a domain-whitelisting meta-rule,
similar to yours, that interacts with the sender authentication stuff

This meta-whitelist is hosted at karmasphere.com, in the form of a
feedset. Once I take the wraps off, it will publicly queryable as a


If you would be interested in collaborating on this project, I would
be very grateful. Can I invite you to subscribe to the karmasphere-
users mailing list? More details at http://my.karmasphere.com/