In <>, Bob Proulx wrote:

> For your Debian machine it is very easy with the following commands.
> $ sudo apt-get update
> $ sudo apt-get install bind9
> The default package configuration is a caching nameserver and the
> above commands should be all that is needed to set up and configure it
> this way.

Hm, it really is that easy. I've got used to this culture that complex
packages won't do anything useful until configured so that's why I was
reluctant to install bind, thinking it would take up a lot of time and

> Check /etc/resolv.conf for nameserver entries and modify or
> change the file as needed to say 'nameserver' (okay to use
> 'nameserver' with modern software too). See the wiki page
> for general information.

I hadn't heard of being used instead of Is that
specific to resolv.conf?

> I highly recommend the 'resolvconf' package to coordinate the
> automated editing of the /etc/resolv.conf file by the various
> subsystems such as dhcp, dns, udev scripts, etc.

I use static addresses and consider my connection permanent, so I'm
probably better off without that.

Anyway, it's helped. It seems to take about 5 seconds per message
instead of over 10. It probably would have helped more if I didn't
decide I might as well install pyzor, razor and dcc :-/.

TH *