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Starckjohann, Ove schrieb:
> hi Larry,
> we did use that product since ages...it's not that good in comparison to
> SA, because it's not using bayes-filtering (at least not in version 8
> which we're using).
> You're stuck to static filters like filefilters (looking for "bad"
> fileextensions like *.pif, *.com, *.scr,, etc..), subject-filters and
> mailbody-filters. Formerly we quarantined recognized spam-mails and had
> to look through the quarantine-area from time to time to watch out for
> false positives.
> Nowadays we're using NoSpamProxy with Help of SA (spamd) in front of our
> Exchange-Server and Antigen (as virus-scanner) on the exchange-machine.
> This combination works great. Big advantage is that there is no
> quarantine anymore..mails are accepted or not at the gateway...if mail
> (spam) is rejected, the sender is informed WHY and that he/she should
> contact us.
> Ove
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> *Von:* Rosenbaum, Larry M. [mailto:rosenbaumlm@ornl.gov]
> *Gesendet:* Freitag, 6. Juli 2007 20:26
> *An:* users@spamassassin.apache.org
> *Betreff:* Microsoft Antigen Spam Manager
> I have been asked to look into Microsoft Antigen Spam Manager (and
> MS Forefront for Exchange Server). Does anybody have any
> information (or can point me to independent reviews) as to how good
> this product is and how it compares with SpamAssassin?
> Thanks …

dont inform senders via mail about spam and virus invents
this leads to backscatter, cause mostly sender addresses are faked.

A short message in smtp reject code , if you are brave enough to reject
mail about classified by your antispam, may be ok.

If you have urgent need to make someone notice about spam or virus
envents via mail inform the reciepient and/or the postmaster

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