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> At 06:10 07-07-2007, Tony Houghton wrote:
> >SA used to kill a different router I used to have, but I don't think
> >that's the problem here. I temporarily pointed /etc/resolv.conf to my
> >ISP's servers and restarted spamd, which you'd expect to make at least
> >some difference, but it didn't really. Besides, I can still freely

> Only if you expect the ISP's resolver to be better which isn't always the
> case.

I use a small reseller ( of a large ISP ( Enta's
support is better than average, and ukfsn also has its own servers for
several critical services, including DNS, and you can actually get in
contact with the person who runs them. I'm quite sure he's more capable
of configuring bind than I am!

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