Tony Houghton wrote:
> I switch my PC off overnight and I noticed the router would crash
> shortly after switching it back on and deduced it was because of the
> large volume of mail being fetched in one go. It was OK if I got my
> PC to use my ISP's DNS instead.

Strange. Frankly that just seems like buggy firmware in general. :-(

> That seems to take about 5 seconds when given a new address, under 1.5s
> when repeating one.

Something is caching the answer then. Which is good in general.

> spamassassin always takes over 10 secs. The debug output I posted
> seems to say it is DNS timeouts. There's a whole load of activity to
> start with, then it prints several messages which look like it's
> waiting for the DNS queries to complete, then a load of messages
> saying "dns: timeout", usually after 11 seconds.

Maybe this is related to a quirk of perl's Net:NS module?

Theo Van Dinter recently wrote:
> Net:NS, which is what SA uses to call DNS, has been well known to
> only use the first [nameserver] entry in resolv.conf, unfortunately. fyi.

?? Maybe...