omehegan wrote:
> Any other thoughts on this? I got another 5-6 spams this morning that were
> scored 0 by Bayes. It's dragging down the hits from other rules!

I have seen this too when the volume of spam to learn from is much
larger than the volume of non-spam and the total quantity of learned
messages is very large. When very large training-on-error has little
effect because it would take many errors to correct. When unbalanced
with more spam than ham it is overwhelmed by the "badness" of the
universe and does not have enough "goodness" to offset it.

When I have been in those situations I eventually gave up and reset
the Bayes database and started over. When I have between 1,000
messages and 100,000 messages learned the system is always quite
good. It is only when the number of messages become much larger that
I see those types of problems.