Hi All,

Apologies if this has been mentioned and I've missed it, but....

I noted today that since upgrading from 3.2.0 to 3.2.1 bayes stopped
working, or rather, bayes started ignoring the username etc passed
from the local.cf.

Using bayes_sql_override_username has resolved the issue. My worry is
that this is a complete reversal of all previous versions of SA. I am
not sure if it's something I've done wrong (entirely possible) or if
it's an inherent problem. Either way, for those running 3.2.1 check
your bayes stuff.

To complicate matters further, it will --lint correctly. I only
noticed after a few spam got through and noticed they had no bayes
test header.

Hope that helps someone else.

If I've been a muppet I'm sure someone will let me know soon enough

Kind regards