In <2FFC20058133124B930799F911A83A9B3171F6@dserver.Upp>, James D. Rallo wrote:

> Are you running a local dns caching server?

I just use the one built in to my ADSL router; I don't know whether it
caches. The one it forwards to at my ISP is probably bind.

> Do manual queries to rbls take a long time? (Hint: Don't run the query
> again, as it may be cached up stream and may give a fast result.)

I don't actually know how to do a manual query. I don't think there is
any caching as far as SA is concerned because the timeouts are
completely consistent.

> You didn't attach your conf, but you may also want to set
> dns_available yes
> in your to save the dns check.

That seemed to whizz past quite quickly compared to these timeouts. And
I was only using the main spamassassin program to get the debugging; I
usually use spamc and spamd so I doubt that runs the check for every

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