Are you running a local dns caching server?
Do manual queries to rbls take a long time? (Hint: Don't run the query
again, as it may be cached up stream and may give a fast result.)

You didn't attach your conf, but you may also want to set
dns_available yes
in your to save the dns check.


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> Sent: Friday, July 06, 2007 4:12 PM
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> Subject: DNS timeout problem
> I'm having a problem with spamassassin taking ages due to DNS lookups
> timing out. I could make the timeout shorter, but I'd rather try to

> out what it's failing on and stop it trying to do those lookups. I've
> made a log of its debugging output (attached) but I don't understand

> well enough to be able to identify the problem correctly. I hope

> here can help me. TIA.
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