Per Jessen schrieb:
> I wasn't actually making any assumptions about the quality or lack of
> it, that would not make any sense. I was really only concerned with
> the trust issue, which I still say is paramount when it comes to spam.
> And I don't believe you can establish trust by withholding or hiding
> information.


to close that thread: I see that I'll add some info to the iXhash
archive available for download (and, where appropriate, website)
This info will
- state that this hashbl is based on input from various entities,
including, but not limited to Marc Perkel and myself. (Others want to
keep their involvement private)
- will offer some explanation on what's the difference between and
- contain the usual disclaimer for both the software (iXhash) and the
service (Hash-BL zones)
- clarify that the other Hash-BL in the contained config file is run by
Heise Verlag (

Actually, I'm curious how you define 'trust'. Especially as you seemed
at first interested in 'sharing databases/experiences'. But that can be
discussed per pm, in German and at a later time - I'll have a 'Maß' in a
Munich Biergarten to start the weekend.