> > I'm starting to see a lot of AOL mail getting pushed into the
> > review folder (above 4.0 score) with the FORGED_AOL_TAGS rule
> > hitting, and apparently on real AOL e-mail. At least the
> > e-mails were SPF_PASS and received from an AOL server...

> Add this to local.cf, all fixed:
> (ps, to fix a rule, or report a bug, best to go to
> bugzilla.spamassassin.org)

Thanks, Michael. I just hadn't tracked down which rule set it was in
yet. If it hadn't been an official SA rule, then this is still probably
the best place to report it. And, it appears there is already a bug
ticket submitted by you on 6/4. It just hasn't been corrected in over a

So, I'll just reduce the score for now as it doesn't seem to hit with a
high frequency on spam anyway.

The notice here might point out to other admins that it could be causing
FPs on their servers too.