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OK, i am not sure who has been following the "upgrade to 3.2" thread but
i think i have it installed and working? At least spamassassin --lint
and a spamassassin -D < gtube.txt identifies the GTUBE as spam. But a
few things that i don't understand: 1)there is no "spamd" anymore? I do
not have a spamd in my "services". Also a /etc/init.d/spamd stop/start
produces a "command not found". 2)The ok_locales is not in the,
Can i put ok_locales in the file and it work? and 3) We had
3.1.0 installed and working before this craziness of upgrading. With
3.1.0 on SLES9, if i remember right, we had to install
perl-mail-spamassassin. This time, to get 3.2.1 installed, i installed
from source and did not install any perl-mail-spamassassin. Is this correct?

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fn:Arnold, Chris