Marc Perkel wrote:

> I do most of the filtering using Exim rules and I only use
> Spamassassin on less that 1% of incoming email. What I do is focus on=

> the behavior of the spammer rather than the content of the message. I=

> have too many tricks to describe here but my filtering is extremely
> accurate.

OK, that's fair enough. But it also virtually rules out my using
anything from login-solutions(courtesy of Dirk). I can't trust
somebodyelses hashes very much, not unless they are from guaranteed
spamtraps or manually verified.=20

> I'm sending Dirk only hashes. We set up a special server to process
> them at high speeds. I'm probably sending about 100k hashes a day.

Very impressive.=20

/Per Jessen, Z=C3=BCrich