Marc Perkel wrote:

>> To stay on-topic, are you providing ixHash checksums from some of th=

>> spams for others to use?
>> /Per Jessen, Z=C3=BCrich
>> =20

> Yes - I thought that was what I said. I think I'm the highest volume
> source for Dirk. If not the highest I'm up there. I'm feeding his
> public servers. i have been for about a year.

Hmmm - no, that's not quite how I read your posting, but I obviously go=
it wrong.
Dirk - what have you got to add here? I don't think I've seen this
mentioned anywhere at Or are Marcs hashes only going
into the lists at login-solutions? =20

My opinion - it might be overall a Good Thing(R), but when it comes to
spam-filtering Trust Is More Desirable(R) IMHO. I don't use the
login-solutions data because I don't have any feel for how trustworthy
it is, but when Marcs feed isn't even mentioned, I don't like it at

/Per Jessen, Z=C3=BCrich