Hi all

I have noted sa-learn updates the files in
/root/.spamassassin/ irrespective of the username for
its -u option.

The spamd runs as root and the spamc runs as mailuser.
Therefore, the child processes of spamd runs as
mailuser and it also creates bayes_* files under
..spamassassin directory of the mailuser's home

Since the child processes of spamd runs under mailuser
and the mailuser has no permission read files under
/root/.spamassassin/, can the SpamAssassin effectively
use what is learned by the sa-learn without restarting
the SpamAssassin after the sa-learn completes the

I prefer to run spamd as mailuser (-u mailuser ), is
it possible to use one central location for bayes_*
files for SpamAssassin and sa-learn?

Best Regards

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