esposj schrieb:
> I have recently upgraded to SA3.2 (via ISPConfig) and have several users
> seeing messages come through without any SA processing. On my personal
> account, I see 2-5 messages a day which don't have a X-Spam-Status and are
> very obviously spam.
> SA is called through PROCMAIL and I have confirmed that the messages getting
> through aren't too big to get blocked by the PROCMAIL script.
> My thoughts are to write another procmail rule at the end to check for the
> X-Spam-Status header and if missing feed back into the SA rule. This seems
> like an unneeded hack, and I hope someone could point me at some other
> troubleshooting ideas.
> Thanks,
> Joe Esposito
> The Seagroatt Companies
> Albany, NY

you might be using the to: field to determine who the mail is to and
scan acording to that - thats not a safe way because it can be forged,
use headers such as envelope-to or delivered-to as added by your mta to
find out where a mail is really going