Sg wrote:
> Hi
> We have MS Exchange Server 2003 on windows 2003 server. We have
> installed Mail-spamassassin-3.1.7, Active Perl, GUI tool for SA, ESA.
> We have mail ids with 30 users. Here spam mail has detected. How to
> quaratine this mail Please help me

Fundamentally, quarantining mail must be a function of your mail server
tools. Spamassassin has no power other than to modify the contents of
the message.

Unfortunately, I know almost nothing at all about exchange, nor do I use
any kind of quarantine. However, I sincerely doubt that Exchange comes
with any kind of quarantine management tool, given my limited experience
with its general lack of useful server-side mail handling features. (as
far as I can tell about the only thing it does do well server-side is
distributed storage.)

Personally, I run SA on a linux server using MailScanner and Sendmail. I
then forward back to an exchange server, and let the individual users
set of filters to move the messages into their Junk folders.