Dirk Bonengel wrote:

> For those that don't know what this plugin does: It uses an algorithm=

> developed by Bert Ungerer of the German IT magazin iX (Heise Verlag)
> to compute fuzzy checksums from (spam) emails and checks them against=

> those hashes I and Heise computed from our spam ( and serve via DNS).=

> In short, this puts it in the league of Pyzor, Razor and DCC. It's
> certainly no 'German Wunderwaffe' against spam but I think it has its=

> merits.

Since 1 July, we have had about 10K matches on checksums, and about 16K=

hits on the IP-list. I think it's quite a useful tool.

> If you happen to have some significant spamtrap feed you might also b=

> interested to set up your own hash database to check your production
> mails against.=20

Yes, that's what we've done too - do you know of anybody else doing
this? It might be interesting to share databases/experiences.

/Per Jessen, Z=C3=BCrich