Okay I did not realize you were using HULA so forget the postfix
questions. If I remember correctly HULA calls SA as the HULA user, its
been some time since I played with HULA. Make sure that the directories
listed in your error logs are owned by the hula user. Some early versions
of HULA had problems with SA integration what version of HULA are you

rpm -qa hula

Happy 4th as well!

>> Could you please let me know how you call spamd, I am taking it that you
>> do this via postfix master.cf and are not running amavis. What user
>> does
>> spamd run as?

> Err, not exactly sure how to answer this. I just install SA, configure
> the local.cf and start spamd. We use hula which is a netmail product.
> Don't believe that we use postfix. I think spamd runs as "nobody" (how
> would i know for sure?).
>> Sorry for my late repsonses; its a holiday here in the US and I am not
>> at
>> my office computer.

> Yes, i am loctated on the east coast. Happy 4th!
>> Also another user posited that the rpm builds of SA from tarballs will
>> not
>> work with SLES. They actually will, but you have to "trick" Yast to use
>> them directly.

> I would love to know how to "trick" yast.