I've finally come around to releasing a new version of the iXhash
plugin. If you happen to use that plugin, just get the code (now located
at and upgrade.
Normally simply replacing the file should do. Just make sure
you have the version corresponding to your SA version.
The new version now uses Net:NS::Resolver's query method (as opposed
to search in the earlier code) and stops computing hashes once it's got
a hit.

For those that don't know what this plugin does: It uses an algorithm
developed by Bert Ungerer of the German IT magazin iX (Heise Verlag) to
compute fuzzy checksums from (spam) emails and checks them against those
hashes I and Heise computed from our spam ( and serve via DNS). In
short, this puts it in the league of Pyzor, Razor and DCC. It's
certainly no 'German Wunderwaffe' against spam but I think it has its

If you happen to have some significant spamtrap feed you might also be
interested to set up your own hash database to check your production
mails against. I added a server program that computes the necessary
hashes and stores them in a MySQL table as well as another plugin that
sources that table. If you do let me know - I'd be interested in any