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> Could you please let me know how you call spamd, I am taking it that you
> do this via postfix and are not running amavis. What user does
> spamd run as?

Err, not exactly sure how to answer this. I just install SA, configure
the and start spamd. We use hula which is a netmail product.
Don't believe that we use postfix. I think spamd runs as "nobody" (how
would i know for sure?).

> Sorry for my late repsonses; its a holiday here in the US and I am not at
> my office computer.

Yes, i am loctated on the east coast. Happy 4th!

> Also another user posited that the rpm builds of SA from tarballs will not
> work with SLES. They actually will, but you have to "trick" Yast to use
> them directly.

I would love to know how to "trick" yast.

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