On Wed, Jul 04, 2007 at 10:08:29AM +0100, Justin Mason wrote:
> Bear in mind that the spammer who is developing this PDF spam is only one
> person, and he/she probably has at least one non-spammy-looking email
> address at his disposal.
> What's to spot him/her from asking Dallas for a copy of the ruleset and
> plugin, same as any other SpamAssassin user, waiting a few days to cover
> his/her tracks, then fixing the spam to avoid it again?
> And if you think this isn't already happening, I have a bridge for sale

If I was a spammer, I couldn't care less if few people were using some
secret PDF blocking stuff. It's not like AOL or some big companies are using

And where do you need to plugin anyway. It's not really hard to figure out
ways to make PDF look legimate if needed.