>> Well, i may have really messed up now. I uninstalled all spamassassin
>> 3.1 using red carpet and the installed perl-spamassassin from rpm
>> usingyast (this was fine). Then i tried to install spamassassin 3.2
>> from rpm
>> using yast, this gives this error:
>> ERROR(InstTarget:E_RpmDB_subprocess_failed)
>> ---
>> error: %post(spamassassin-3.2.1-1) scriptlet failed, exit status 127
>> 2007-07-03 21:41:52 perl-Mail-SpamAssassin.rpm installed ok
>> 2007-07-03 21:43:16 spamassassin.rpm install failed
>> rpm output:
>> spamassassin 0ff 1ff 2ff 3n 4ff 5n
>> 6ff/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.97155: line 13: /sbin/service: No such file
>> or directory
>> warning: waiting to reestablish exclusive database lock
>> error: %post(spamassassin-3.2.1-1) scriptlet failed, exit status 127
>> Now we don't have any spam guard. Ooopppsss
>> Chris


Nice to see another SuSE user. Part of your problem is the nomenclature
used by SuSE for perl-spamassassin as opposed to the rpm made via the
tarball using rpmbuild which is perl-Mail-spamassassin if I recall
correctly. I suspect that you have perl-spamassin installed correctly but
spamassassin is an older version. Here is what I would do on a SuSE box.
Go back into yast and reinstall the perl-mail-spamassassin and
spamassassin from your CD or repo (SLES or openSUSE). Execute rpm -qa and
make sure the system acknowledges that the versions of perl-sa and SA
agree. Run spamassassin --lint -D as your amavis user to make sure the
rules lint and the install is functioning without error. If the --lint
gives you errors correct these first. Then cd to you SA tarball directory
and install from source (perl Makefile.plm make, sudo make install). You
rpm diretory via YAST will still tell you the old versions are installed,
but via perl you can confirm the install of the new versions. If you try
to install via CPAN you will get errors as SuSE runs Make Test as root and
is a known bug for 3.2.1. If you want to install via rpms go to the SuSE
build repos (software.opensuse.org) and search for spamassassin. There
are a couple of builds for 3.2.0 there, also Norrbring consulting posts
SuSE rpm builds which I have used with great results.

Any problems post back.


> Sorry to keep sending email but i also get this on a restart of
> spamassassin from the runlevel editor:
> /etc/init.d/spamassassin: line 12: /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions: No such
> file or directory