From: "arni"

> jdow schrieb:
>> You are if you're the only one dumb enough to run email from this list
>> through SpamAssassin then you might be.

> I dont exactly know why you have to flame people on this mailinglist but
> i'm gonna explain it to you:
> This list offers a great way to learn bayes with spam related ham, which
> is in my opinion on of the best hams around. It is spam related, so it
> might contain tokens that are also found in spam and it a great way to
> show bayes that these tokens are not only present in spam, but can also
> be in ham.

I assure you that was not a flame. I do agree I did not frame it as
a suggestion. But the concept seems so obvious to me that it seems
silly someone does not determine unambiguously that the email came
from this list and then completely bypass SpamAssassin. With procmail
an "effective" but not bullet proof method exists that is fairly simple
to apply. (And if someone DOES spoof it the email ends up in my SA users
list folder where it becomes instant grist for the mill.)

You can also use whitelist_from_rcvd. But that's not as machine efficient.