I for one agree with the protected model.

I've read post after post in this group and others where people complain
that some new method is no longer effective due to the "other guys"
knowing our every step.

If there were an application process, which would be too burdensome on
the maintainers, I'd support that as well - and offer my help.

No I'm not a spammer and I've never played one on TV either...

That's just my two cents worth of opinion, I could be wrong.

Thank you to the people who write these plugins. You people rock!

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>> All in all, you're better off just making things public.

> model in the antivirus/antispam arena...
> ...and it may be true - but no-one on this list believes it ;-)

Its a matter of fact that published rules (see sare rulesets) become
effective immediate after publishing. That due to spammers reading along

ect ect.

I can understand Dallas point and dont agree that making this open will=20
give the same results.... It should, but it just doesnt.

We have rules very ok hitting, and i know once we put this in a SARE set

the effeciveness will drop and we have to come up with new rules. Not=20
really something people look forward to. Its just a handfull people=20
contributing as you know.