Jason Haar wrote:
> Theo Van Dinter wrote:
>> All in all, you're better off just making things public.

> I agree. It's sort of like saying that Open Source cannot work as a
> model in the antivirus/antispam arena...

It can, if you have the people willing to contribute new dats on every
revision of .

> ...and it may be true - but no-one on this list believes it ;-)

The method used in the plugin is very simple, and very easy to work
around if made public. What happens here is that when that
"workaround" occurs, we have to release a new plugin, and a new
ruleset. Its not like we just release a new ruleset, someone runs
RDJ/sa-update and they are off. There is no way to auto-update the
plugin (currently) besides to announce it and hope people install it.
I foresee a major failure there.

If you think you can improve it so that the plugin remains static, and
only the rules need changing, then be my guest...

Dallas Engelken