Chris Santerre wrote:
> You didn't miss anything. I don't believe they are released yet. FInal
> testing being done. Results look great. I'll see if they can get
> released soon.
> --Chris
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> > Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2007 9:47 AM
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> > Subject: So what about and these anti-PDF rules?
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> > It's been announced that these rules are coming soon and...?
> > Or maybe I
> > missed something?


The and accompanying ruleset will not be public. If you want
it, please go to and request it.

I'll try and get PDF support added into soon, but it will
only extend the capabilities that you currently have for gif/jpg/png...
that being attachment count, file name matching, pdf image dimensions,
pixal coverage (area), etc. However, thats not an ideal solution, and
the rules you can write with that will stop the spam, but also have a
greater chance of falsing.

The mechanism used for accurate detection in the PDFInfo plugin is not
going to be a part of this.. and I'd recommend you request the plugin
and use it privately. If the information gets publicized, that method
would soon be useless... and I dont feel like reworking it if I dont
have to, nor maintaining a ruleset that is highly dependent on the
plugin. Updates to the ruleset could very well mean updating the
plugin, and you cant get people to update a plugin en masse as easy as
you can get them to RDJ a new ruleset.

Dallas Engelken