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Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2007 9:16 AM
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Subject: Re: SA on iPhone yet?

> on 7/2/07 10:08 PM, Robert - eLists at lists06@abbacomm.net wrote:
>> Anyone get Spamassassin installed on their iPhone yet?
>> :-)
>> - rh

> What are you talking about? SA is a server level tool. Why, if it was =

> possible, would you install it on a phone?
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> Mike Yrabedra B^)>

Perhaps because the upstream server doesn't filter spam? Or not to the=20
user's liking?

I'm sorry I failed to read someplace that SA only worked on servers. If =
had known that I might not have had it running perfectly satisfactorly=20
filtering spam on my workstation for the last 4+ years.

Now personally I have no clue why someone would want a phone that can be =
TV set too. But if they can read spam on it, I can imagine why they =
want SA there instead.

Wouldn't the email you retrieve on the Iphone get filtered through =
ISP or mail server you are using- hotmail yahoo etc.

I'm not an expert nor would I spend 500+ dollars on a phone - especially =
my Samsung does just about everything the Iphone does except and I'm =
to TV- and with slingo in the mix I do get tv-=20

Did I mention it cost me 25 bucks=20