On Jul 2, 2007, at 1:22 PM, Theo Van Dinter wrote:
> If these are from known good sources, just whitelist them (or skip SA
> altogether). Otherwise, if the names are specific, you could always
> use uridnsbl_skip_domain to bypass URIDNSBL checks on the parsed
> domains.

Both of these assume I know every person who needs to e-mail me, and
everything they will send me. Theo, you're active in enough open
source projects to know better.

> There is no non-code-altering way of modifying the behavior (not
> parsing
> the domains out or having URIDNSBL not use parsed domains).

Well then we need to alter the code. While bareword domain matching
might make sense, it doesn't make sense for /a/valid/system/path/
file.pl for "file.pl" to be checked. Zero hits on spam corpus.

Frankly, spam doesn't work unless people can just click it. So we
really only need to look for things that stupid Windows programs will
try to interpret for the user. The file.pl example above will never
get a user to the file.pl spam site.

Jo Rhett
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